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Site Database and Field activity management


CELERYS SITE mobile application designed for field operation. It offers various tools for Network rollout, Site auditing and field teams follow up and management. Data is exchanged with SITE EXPLORER tool for reel time analysis and management.


  • Easy team management :
    • Missions and operation definition
    • Missions and operation definition
    • Real time individual team follow up
  • Network Roll out management :
    • Teams missions starts and completion follow up
    • Project and missions budget management
    • Real-time project dashboard visualization with CELERYS EXPLORER
    • Automatic Timesheet and teams expenses generation with CELERYS EXPLORER
    • Teams performance evaluation and benchmarking
    • Tracking Time features
  • Easy site audit execution :
    • Fully automated site auditing
    • Various automatic field filling (GPS, Photos)
    • Easy interface for information filling
    • Automatic data gathering and real-time database update
    • Real-time visualization and site audit report creation with CELERYS EXPLORER
    • Reduce Operational Costs and Optimize Site Auditing Time


SITE EXPLORER is a global analysis platform for real-time network rollout, site auditing and project management. It collects data from Celerys Site, Project management Database and OSS Data and provide interactive interface for visualization, analysis and reporting.

  • Project Management :
    • Detailed Project creation (missions, operations, budget, delays, teams...)
    • Site roll out problems visualization
    • Project dashboard generation (project phases completion, budget management, teams performances management)
  • Site Auditing :
    • Site audit data visualization with mapping options and advanced filtering (by region, by cluster, by technology, by date...)
    • Site audit automatic report generation (to PDF, EXCEL and HTML)
  • Site Data visualization :
    • Detailed Site DATA visualization (site location, installation status, anomalies, photos, detailed site configuration
    • Site RF parameters and performances visualization (main KPIs)
    • Advanced filtering (by region, by cluster, by technology, by date...)